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Maintaining Healthy Habits

Sitting is the root of all kinds of body issues. In The Sitting Disease, by Heidi Roberts, PT, DPT and Katie Roberts, the issue is put this way:
“Extensive research shows that Sitting Disease—or the state of physical, mental, or emotional pain that results from being sedentary—is greatly to blame. You’re probably familiar with a number of the symptoms—everything from neck and back pain to depression, obesity, heart disease, and even cancer…In fact, it has become a veritable epidemic in modern-day society.”
We all sit, and many of us for the majority of each day. Between work and time spent relaxing at home, there is ample time for us to feel the repercussions of all that sitting. But if we take care of our bodies, then we have the opportunity to eliminate pain symptoms and prevent them from recurring.
Here are some healthy stretches recommended by the author:
10-Minute Body Maintenance Stretching

And if you are interested in reading more about habits like these, you can find the book here:
The Sitting Disease on Amazon

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